Blending Culture and work

This project may be adapted to suit different cultures and religions around the world. Some of the oldest traditions, which cannot be forgotten, use this project as one outlet to care for their unspoken goals for the world around them.

Using factors like color, feel, form and physical space; this spirituality, even though often misinterpreted or unspoken or taught out of the wood shed, is often an integral part of the internal traditions of many cultures.

blending culture and work

The more we unpack and rediscover, what we can do for each other as well as the planet, the more we can all make a difference in focusing our concerns and caring for the planet. We can learn to open our hearts and minds and especially heal our emotions and use our imaginations to make changes and heal the world around us.

When individuals began to forget and ignore these feelings and capacities; their power to affect change occurred at a basic unconscious level. In other words, a feeling existed that had once felt real but which over time became a momentary ripple of change and healing in the atmosphere.

When you connect with that sense of dimensions beyond the realms of time and space, you connect with something more, in ways that science and modern, mainstream psychology may not be able to access.

This sense of connection is especially a strongANCE, or Thank you. It’s an acknowledgment and understanding of the beauty of life and the and the wonder of the world around us each and every one of us.

When people shift their perception of how to care for themselves even though strangers may say they role models such as Mother Teresa did or Michelangelo claimed he was born in this shop window, we can shift into a new perception of someone who touched our lives and changed us for the better if we connect with our feelings.

We begin to shift out of the narrow box that I and others, like me, know that’s common to the majority in the world; and begin to live in a space of truth that can transform the lives of every part of the world.

Our growing collective gifts of self care are an undercurrent that’s coursing through every one of our lives and there is no turning back. We may think we once were more accepting and less judgmental; but we’re not!

I’m not an objective observer about this. I’ve known people to come to me and say they’re the one who’s “got it right” when asked how they’re finding their way in life. “I know what they need to do. I’ve actually listened. I know how to care for them.” Or why, “I know how to be there, when they need me. I can make them feel safe.”

“I know my place”. So I’m here to suggest that the final steps are probably here! It’s not about what you’ve done in the past or are doing now. It’s about what you refuse to do now and in the years to come. It’s about what you’ve been doing to care for yourself thus far; and what you need to add to that list.

I thank these women for being an inspiration for so many others to take up for the journey ahead. It’s why we’re all here.